Getting maximal income from the property is possible without being around

Home Owner

David is a Canadian Businessman and he is owner of the apartment in Tbilisi, Uznadze Street.

David doesn’t live in Georgia and wasn’t able to rent his house on short-term visitors as it requires to be present and involved in the process. Renting for long-term wouldn’t be worth for him because of a little income and bigger risk of damage.

What we did for the right results

We took full management of the apartment on us

We opened online account for him so he would be able to check his income anytime

We took suitable photos for Airbnb and it helped us to find right audience of Tourists

We created professional profiles on various touristic websites and made them look appealing for the visitors

We optimized prices with special algorithm that allowed us to get maximal income

What he wanted

Getting a maximal income with short-term rental on Tourists

He wanted to find trusty partners who would manage his property. At the same time, he wanted to get full transparency on his income and expenses

Renting his place with the right pricing strategy


David managed to get 1500$ a month on average so that he does not need to take part in the process of renting

He has a full access on the finances of the apartment and he can check his income anytime

Winner project