Communication with guests

Communication with guests

Hosting tourists on Airbnb is not only about getting bookings and passing the key to the visitors.Hosting people often involves unexpected difficulties. That’s why, our communication with guests starts even before they book the apartment and continues even after their visit.

He didn’t have enough time to answer guest’s questions immediately and this made him lose plenty of potential visitors. Besides, often the guests were not very satisfied as Levan’s answers were not always fast enough or competent enough. So, Levan decided to use Wehost’s service and every detail of managing his property, including communication with guests, become our responsibility.

Why Wehost:

Wehost’s professional team is ready to give competent and timely answers on any questions of our guests and react on their problems immediately. We have 100% rate of guest communication.

Our guest experience team’s fast, effective and friendly answers guarantees increased bookings and 5 star reviews.

We provide our guests with all the important information about the location, transportation, nearby facilities and other details.

What was our goal

Answering each potential customer’s messages within an hour

Conducting effective communication and getting bookings from them

Taking fast actions on each of their problems or questions during their stay in the apartment in order to make sure that they are having a positive experience

Communication after check out in order to get five star reviews


We increased Levan’s response rate and it became almost 100%. This improvement give higher rank to his apartment on Airbnb rating

Increased the number of 5 star reviews and it gave us doubled bookings

Higher ranking and 5 star reviews give us opportunity to increase price of the apartment

Winner project